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If I have a guidebook, why should I go on a walking tour of Madrid?

Although guidebooks are a great place to start, they can only offer so much information.  If you really want to understand the city’s complex past and how it’s shaped the way Madrileños are today, a walking tour of Madrid’s historic neighborhoods is a must.

As your expert local guide, I’ll take you through the twisted streets of the old town to explain not only the stories behind Madrid’s most famous monuments and plazas, but also to take you where guidebooks and other walking tours don’t, through those back alleys and hidden corners where some of the city’s most remarkable events have taken place, where 4rth-generation artisan shops carry on their craft, or where historic taverns and restaurants continue to thrive based on the loyalty of their lifelong customers.

In today’s global world, cities like Madrid are affected by events in the rest of the country, in Europe, and abroad, and on my walking tours, I make sure to incorporate many of the contemporary issues that touch the lives of everyday Madrileños, showing you how the city lives and breathes in the 21st century.

Explain a private Madrid walking tour versus a group walking tour.

1) Group Walking Tours

Our two historic Madrid walking tours can be offered as group tours or as private tours.  The first group tour covers Madrid’s historic center, the neighborhood known as Madrid de los Austrias, where the majority of the city’s iconic monuments and plazas are found.  Tours start at 10:00am, last 2 hours and cost 15 Euros per person.  The walking tour takes place on a regular basis as long as there are at least 8 people in total signed up for the tour that day.  Click on this link for details about what the tour covers.

The second group tour stroll’s through Madrid’s atmospheric literary quarter, the neighborhood known as El Barrio de las Letras, home to the national Spanish Theatre and where many of Spain’s greatest writers lived - such as Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quijote.  It was here that the city’s rich literary past was born, and which is today one of Madrid’s hottest neighborhoods for history, culture, and cuisine.  Tours start at 10:00am, last 2 hours and cost 20 Euros per person, which includes two different food or drink treats at a historic establishment.  The walking tour takes place on a regular basis as long as there are at least 8 people in total signed up for the tour that day.  Click on this link for details about what the tour covers.

2) Private Walking Tours

Both of the above tours can be taken as private walking tours as well.  Private tours are a wonderful way to tailor the route to fit your particular interests, as well as have the guide completely to yourself.  The number of hours spent on tour is up to you, but the three most common formats and routes are listed below as starting point.

On all private tours, we take an extended break if clients wish in the beautifully refurbished San Miguel covered market, dating from 1916, to talk more about Spanish markets in general and how traditional covered markets in Madrid are having to transform themselves.  I also point out some of my favorite market stalls and give a more detailed background on what their specialties are and why they’re the best place to sample certain classic Spanish dishes.  If clients would like, we can order some of those snacks to enjoy inside the market before moving on to our next stop.  Any food or drinks ordered would not be included in the tour price.

Those who take a private walking tour of Madrid also receive my very personalized Madrid Restaurant List, organized by neighborhood and price.

  • The 2.5 hour private walking tour of Madrid takes you through the neighborhood of your choice, either Madrid de los Austrias or El Barrio de las Letras.  You can read more about both tours in detail in the group tour descriptions and corresponding links above.  The private version of these tours allows you complete freedom to decide when to start, and the ability to tailor the route to your interests, as well as having the guide to yourself.
  • The half-day, 4.5 hour walking tour combines both of the core neighborhoods mentioned above.  This tour is the most popular, as it covers central Madrid’s two most historically important and charming neighborhoods.
  • The full-day, 8 hour walking tour includes the extended version of the Austrias Quarter and the Literary Quarter, as well as many off-the-beaten-track stops, including one of Madrid’s best elevated views and several artisan shops.  It also includes a stop for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants.  The price of lunch is not included.  Full-day tours can be split over the course of two days if desired, at no extra cost.  Yet another option is to split the day between a 4-hour historic walking tour of Madrid’s old town, and a visit to one or two of the amazing museums we have here in Madrid, such as the Prado museum, the Reina Sofia or the Thyssen.  Including a visit to Madrid’s Royal Palace is another option as well.

Please contact us for more information on availability and prices of our private tours.

What does a Madrid Wine Tasting consist of?

As a certified sommelier, I offer a two-hour wine tasting of 6 different Spanish wines, highlighting the native grapes and styles found across the country.  My wine tastings are presented as an informative yet entertaining mini wine course, where learning about how wine is made and why it tastes as it does, goes hand in hand with Spanish wine history and the colorful anecdotes that illustrate it.  For those looking to join a group tasting, I keep my groups small, to just 6 people maximum.  More information can be found via the above link.

I also offering private tastings for a slightly higher price.  Please contact us for more information on availability and prices of our private tastings.

What does a tapas tour of Madrid consist of?

Our Gastronomic Madrid Tapas Tours bring out the best of Madrid’s diverse culinary offering, and are a fun way to experience Madrid’s energetic nightlife.  It’s also the best way to find those unique bars and restaurants that locals love, without having to struggle with language or worrying about how to find the best dish that each establishment has to offer.  You can simply relax and enjoy the experience…or watch and learn for your next outing!

Over the course of several hours, I’ll walk you to 3-4 different establishments in central Madrid, where I’ll order for you, as well as explain to you, the anecdotes behind Madrid’s gastronomic pleasures.  History is a passion of mine, not only the history of Madrid’s streets, but that of her cuisine as well.

Of the two tapas tours that I offer, the most popular tour is the Neighborhood of Letters tour at 95 Euros per person, which has more of a food/wine pairing focus.  The Neighborhood of Lavapies tour travels through a more bohemian neighborhood with comfort food forming the bulk of the dishes, and costs 75 Euros pp.  Both prices include all food and one drink per stop, and you can read more about the details of each here.

The tapas tours are small group, semi-private tours, with a maximum of 6 people, however they can be offered as fully private tours for a slightly higher price.  Please contact for details.

How do we know if these tours are any good?

Websites like Trip Advisor are a tremendous source of reliable client feedback, and you can read more about the wonderful reviews that Madrid Tours & Tastings has received by following this link.




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